4 Benefits of An Infrared Sauna Sweat Session (And Where to Book One in Reno)

You may get your sweat on in hot yoga, spin, or pumping iron at the gym. But have you tried sweating it out passively in an infrared sauna? This innovative therapy uses light to create a deeply penetrating heat at a temperature much lower — and much more comfortable — than traditional saunas that rely on steam. Infrared sauna has long been a niche trend, but it’s becoming far more mainstream. And for good reason! Read on for 4 benefits of an infrared sauna sweat session, plus where to book one in Reno.

Pain Relief

Life can be a grind, which means our bodies are no strangers to various aches and pains. But instead of reaching for the OTC pain killers, you might want to try a little infrared sauna therapy first. Studies have shown that regular sessions (one to twice weekly) can decrease pain and stiffness, even with chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. What’s more, no adverse effects from infrared sauna have been identified, which means these sessions are a safe, effective way to treat pain.

Recovery after Exercise

Achy muscles may be a sign that you got in a good workout, but it can make getting through your daily life rough. Some research indicates that infrared sauna are a pretty effective post-recovery workout tool for athletes and weekend warriors. And anecdotal evidence really backs this up. Just ask anyone who’s ever tried it!

Cardiovascular Benefits

There’s an interesting association between infrared sauna sessions and short-term improvement in heart functioning. While more evidence is needed, this is an exciting early discovery in terms of heart health.

Skin Health

Some research shows that infrared can promote healing and stimulate collagen production. While more studies are needed to confirm, there’s no denying the dewey glow people have after a sesh in the infrared sauna!

If you’re ready to get your sweat on in an infrared sauna, Boost in Reno is the place to go! We offer standalone session and packages for great savings. Contact us today to get started.

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