Conservative Care Options To Consider Before Surgery


People navigating the daily struggles associated with hip, back, shoulder, or leg pain are inevitably presented with surgery as a treatment option. While surgery certainly has its applications, it’s not without drawbacks. And in many cases, it really isn’t in the patient’s best interests, particularly when it’s compared to other options for treatment. That includes […]

3 Benefits of Regenerative Medicine, And Where to Find it in Reno


You may have heard our exciting news—Boost Health in Reno is now offering regenerative medicine, and we’re hosting free workshops on an ongoing basis to answer all of our patients’ questions and introduce them to this amazing approach to health. So let’s get specific. Why should someone consider regenerative medicine over traditional medicine? It’s a […]

4 Tips for Maintaining Joint Health from Boost Reno


Think about all the ways your joints work to move you every day—and all the stress they endure in the process. Every movement you make requires the use of your joints, and over time, many people begin noticing joint pain and limited range range of motion. Fortunately, it is possible to promote optimal joint function […]

Join us for a Regenerative Medicine Workshop at Boost Health in Reno!

In very exciting news, Boost Reno is now offering regenerative medicine (i.e. stem cell therapy) to treat chronic pain and inflammation. Regenerative medicine is one of the fastest growing areas of medicine, which is why Boost is hosting a series of workshops designed to introduce our patients to this innovative new therapy and answer any […]

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