4 Benefits of An Infrared Sauna Sweat Session (And Where to Book One in Reno)


You may get your sweat on in hot yoga, spin, or pumping iron at the gym. But have you tried sweating it out passively in an infrared sauna? This innovative therapy uses light to create a deeply penetrating heat at a temperature much lower — and much more comfortable — than traditional saunas that rely […]

Infrared Sauna Sessions in Reno


Wondering about the benefits of infrared sauna, and where to find the best spot for a session in Reno? Infrared sauna is a wonderful experience with total body benefits, and we’re covering everything worth knowing about this therapy to help you get started. How Does Infrared Sauna Work? At Boost in Reno, our infrared sauna […]

Infrared Sauna is Even Better in Autumn (And Where to Book in Reno)


Just like that, autumn has arrived here in northern Nevada. Crisp mornings, chilly nights, even the first snow on Mount Rose are all signs that the season is shifting, and shorter days are just ahead. But for some people, this time of year is about something else — the seasonal depression that comes with fewer […]

Infrared Sauna for Muscle Recovery & Performance


Sure, a session in an infrared sauna feels amazing, but you might be surprised at how far its benefits really extend. Just ask Sporting Kansas City. The trainers of this pro soccer team had a custom infrared sauna built in their world-class training facility because it aids recovery and performance in their athletes. If you’re […]

All the Benefits of the Infrared Sauna (And Where to Book a Session in Reno)


You may have heard the buzz around infrared saunas, but don’t confuse them with traditional dry saunas. Sure, both are designed to make you sweat, but that’s where the similarities really need. Read on for all the benefits of an infrared sauna, plus where to book a session in Reno. How Does an Infrared Sauna […]

The Detoxification Benefits of a Good Sweat


Working up a good sweat has its benefits, and they may be more nuanced than you realize. Sure, there’s the temperature regulation element, but detoxification may be just as important. Considering that our modern world is filled to the brim with chemicals — there are some 350,000 registered worldwide — a system that helps eliminate […]

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