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There are a lot of benefits to vitamin infusions here at Boost in Reno. Our customized vitamin cocktails are designed for the precise boost you need, whatever it may be. But there’s another Boost benefit that you may not be aware of — our mobile services!

Boost on Wheels

Our mobile services can solve the logistics of getting your party or team to us. Instead, we bring Boost to you! Our mobile services are ideal for all sorts of events, including:

  • Private parties. Planning a bachelor or bachelorette weekend? Hydrating should absolutely be part of the festivities! Our team will work with you to ensure everyone has the boost they need.
  • Corporate events. Treat your team to injections or infusions in the workplace or on a company retreat. It’s a great way to reward your staff!
  • Sporting events. If you’ve been training for a big race or game, get the whole team in shape with customized IV infusions that combine all the right nutrients and electrolytes to perform or recover.
  • Group travel. Jetting off? Get your whole party boosted before you go and help ensure proper hydration and high immunity levels to minimize the chances of travel fatigue or illness.

We’re happy to coordinate mobile infusion or injection services for individuals as well.

Book a Mobile Service

Our team is happy to accommodate you as much as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our services, what we do to ensure your safety, and how to schedule your mobile service.

Boost Team

Boost Team

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